Out-Patient Services

At triage, your vital science will be measured by a nurse who will then direct you to the appropriate doctor.

Daily Special Services

Atenental Care
Dental Services

In-Patient Services

We offer inpatient services for patients whom our doctors recommend to stay for observation for at least one night.

The Specialist Hospital

Who We Are?

Medsafe Hospital Ltd

Medsafe Hospital Limited (MHL) is a community hospital that perfectly answers the various needs and the demands of the community where it is located. It is registered with the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioner’s Council (UMDPC) and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Rubaga Division. MHL, operates a sister company Medsafe Pharmaceuticals Limited which runs a chain of Pharmacies around Kampala (Lungujja Community where the hospital is), Lugala, Rubaga road and many others. The current Hospital is an upgrade of Medsafe Medical Center that begun in 2006. The hospital is vested in Trustees.




We treat & manage both long & Short-term illinesses



We do both Major and Minor Sugery.



X-ray including Special Radiography Techniques, Scan Services including Abdominal, Obs/Gyn, Small Parts, Doppler, ECG/ECHO


Physiotherapy Services

We assess, diagonize and manage muscle-skeletal conditions



This includes Ambulance Services or Urgent first aid, to all who need it



Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Dental, ENT, Atenental, etc

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The Specialist Doctors

Dr. Ogena Mike

General Doctor

I am Dr. Ogena Mike from Kampala. I am senior General Doctor at Medsafe Hospital.

Mr. Batunge Yonah

A Senior Laboratory Technologist

Hello guys, I am Mr. Batunge Yonah. A Senior Laboratory Technologist at Medsafe Hospital.

Dr. Nalubega Warida

General Doctor

I am Dr. Nalubega Warida from Kampala. I am senior General Doctor at Medsafe Hospital who always cares about my patients.

Hospital Facilities

Visit Our Fully Equiped Dental Clinic Today for all your Dental Cares

Theater Operating Room

Scanning Center

Private Ward Rooms

General Ward Rooms

Our Modern Laboratory

First Aid Training Services Available.

Vist our Radiology Department for X-ray investigations.

Medical Consultation

Immunisation @ Medsafe Hospital done 24/7

Our Pharmacies

Visit our Labs for all your Investigations for Travel Purposes

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Patients Testimonials

Its an amazing Hospital! With wonderful Care!

They really care and they love what to do.I loved there professional touch and i am now fine.

Nimusiima Evas - Manager of Racer

Thanks for Helping us!

They really treated us well and we appreciated there services. We are to be your patients always.

Andrew Atkinson - Life Manager

We love the Hospital and got Sorted!

We can only say that you are a blessing to our Community.

Amanda DOE - Manager Director of MKD Global Consults

Thanks for the good work done!

They have got my kids treated on time by highly skilled, experienced & professional team of doctors.

Nimusiima Evas - Manager of Racer

Medsafe Hospital - Community Service Program

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